The project

We are

  • QB portrait

    Quôc-Bao Pham

    Age 30 – Motion designer
    Stubborn adventurer

  • AFC portrait

    Anne-Flore Cabouat

    Age 31 – Graphic designer
    Gourmand lord commander

Who are we ?

Two curious travellers who decided to lend their professional skills to show the world’s cultural diversity. Our ultimate aim is to get people to be curious: that’s why we’ll change our lifestyle and travel the globe for 18 months.

We aim to create beautiful, engaging documentaries. Motion design is a very efficient, non-boring way to add information to videos, provided it’s carefully designed and embedded.

We choose to conduct this project in English to reach a wider audience. Please be forgiving: we are french native speakers -therefore we aren’t immune to some linguistic wandering!

Where and when ?

We will travel across 12 countries during 18 months:


  • Myanmar – mid-January 2017 to mid-February
  • Laos – mid-February to mid-March
  • Viêt-Nam – mid-March to late April
  • Philippines – late April to mid-June
  • New Zealand – mid-June to mid-August
  • Argentina -mid-August to mid-October
  • Paraguay – mid-October to mid-November
  • Bolivia – mid-November to mid-December
  • Peru – mid-December 2017 to late January 2018
  • Chile – late January to mid-March
  • USA – mid-March to mid-May
  • Canada – mid-May to…


Budget, process, and all the figures

We will use all our savings to fund the project -oh gosh, right now we have so much money… but there will be very little left in the end!
See below our fully detailed sponsoring file to learn more.
Download PDF file (EN)
Télécharger le PDF (FR)


Here is the content of our bags (left: his // right: hers)

Bags ans gear split view

Wanna help ?

This project won’t succeed without you! Here are 6 ways you can help us out:

1. Contacts

Do you have a friend/sister/mother’s cousin’s brother-in-law living in one of our countries of destination?

We’ll definitely need to get natives’ perspective on each country, their advice in choosing a subject, or their help to get in touch with other local people.

2. Interpreters & translators

We can manage french or english, and we sort of speak a rusty spanish…

So we’ll need help to interview natives who speak none of those -either to conduct the interview or to write the audio transcript and english translation.

3. Copywriting

Well, in fact, we can “manage” english, but we are worried about your eyes (and brains)… So if you’re a native english speaker, you may greatly help us by proof-reading our online writing and videos’ subtitles.

4. Sponsoring

Maybe you want to provide us with some gear or financial support? Or any other way you wish to contribute to the project ;->

We would be glad to hear from you!

5. Sharing

Sharing is caring: make them care! Follow us on Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

6. Love & luck

You can never have too much of these!

We are eager to start this project, hoping you’ll enjoy the videos we’ll produce with our heart.

Jump on board with us on this exciting adventure!

Thank you !