Into the white

A peek in the land of silver seas

Long white plains, frozen lakes, silent landscapes and brave dogs… just an other day for a wilderness guide in the Finnish Lapland.

Meet Jukka Pekkala: he will be your sled instructor for this journey. In this course you’ll learn how to control your vehicle, feed your dog team and the most important part: take care of them.

They’ll repay you with courage and face the elements to carry out their mission, tackling icy wind, running in frosty water… Sometimes though they might change their trajectory for a fishy smell.

Handling your hitch and being accepted by the pack is tough, and you’ll need to stand on your feet all day long… But the reward makes the effort worthwhile: you’ll get tons of cuddling (and a very hard time saying goodbye in the end).

It’s cold outside, there is no running water, no electricity -but here in Nokia’s country  you’ll get 3G signal all the way…

Suit up and put some lip balm…it’s gonna be wild !